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Episode 50 London’s great football clubs introduced by Vinny Samways (Spurs, Everton, Sevilla) and Rimmel Daniel Grenada international now with Grays Athletic:

June 26, 2022

Thank you for your interest in the BvB London fan community podcast as every week the focus of the show will be on exploring a facet of football life with a focus on Borussia Dortmund by talking to experts, fans, and players and coaches. 

People, including journalists, who make up the football world including decision-makers and who know the football world and the world of BVB well.

The aim of the podcast is to make Bundesliga, BVB and international football more accessible.

Our guests on the show are Vinny Samways and Rimmel Daniel. Vinny is a former midfielder well-known in England for winning the FA Cup with both Everton (1995) and Tottenham Hotspurs.

Vinny Samways (1991) played for Sevilla FC in season 02-03 and for Las Palmas between 1996-02 as well as playing with Wolves, Birmingham City and Algeciras of the Spanish third tier as well as winning five England caps at U21 level. 

Samways has been active in Spanish football for the last twenty years as a player agent and is also a football pundit on Spanish television and is based in Malaga. 

Rimmel Daniel is a defender who has played for Gillingham and is currently with Grays Athletic FC near London and has won 5 senior caps for Grenada which he played for from U17-U20 levels. 

Our show is an introduction to football in London, the good, the bad and the ugly. we introduce the biggest clubs and some smaller ones but with a big heart.

London is an amazing football city and there are few better guides than three Londoners who see the game from different sides:

Ben McFadyean is the host of the podcast, president and founder of the Borussia Dortmund Fan Club of London, the first to be founded in England and a journalist from Fulham, Vinny grew up in Mile End in the East End and Daniel is from Leyton.

Three different generations; the same passion for the beautiful game. For the teams, we talk about great players, great titles, fans and classic venues. 

1. Arsenal; Founded at the end of 1886 by workers from the Royal Arsenal, the royal arms factories in Woolwich.

2. Tottenham Hotspurs The biggest rival of Arsenal, 'spurs' saw the light of day on September 5, 1882. In recent years, the club have performed so well that they have been part of the top 6 in the Premier League for the last five years.

3. West Ham United was founded in 1895 as Thames Ironworks. In 1900 the name changed to West Ham United and in 1919 the club joined the Football League (the predecessor of the Premier League). 

4. Charlton Athletic plays its matches in the southeast of London. The Addicks play their matches in the iconic stadium The Valley.

5. Chelsea founded on March 10, 1905, is the only London club ever to win the Champions League. Since the first of July in 2003, Chelsea has been a permanent member of the top 6 of the Premier League.

6. Fulham founded in 1879, is the oldest London club to play in the Premier League. However, throughout history, interestingly Fulham has never managed to win a trophy.

7. Wimbledon now AFC Wimbledon has a fascinating history, having been bought and then rebadged and then refounded by the fans.  

8. QPR was founded in 1882. They achieved the most important result in club history in 1967, when QPR won the League Cup. 

09. Millwall from the south of London, was founded in 1885.

10. Crystal Palace is a South London football club from Selhurst in the borough of Croydon and was founded in 1905.

11. Social media and projects

Another club in the London area which is in the top two tiers is Brentford (Premier League).

Brentford known as 'The bees' were founded in 1889 and are based in West London, they play at the GTech community stadium which has a capacity of 17,250.Their greater achivements were the second Division title in 1935 and third tier titles in 1933, 1992. Their main rivals are Fulham and QPR. They play in white and red stripes with black shorts. Famous former players include Christian Eriksen, Marcus Gayle, Dean Holdsworth.  

Addendum: Vinny was the coach of UD San Pedro in the Spanish fifth tier. The quote if you are bored of London you are bored of life is of course by Samuel Johnson. 

We hope you enjoy the show, remember to send us your comments, share the show with friends and to apply for tickets contact the club via the website which is or join the London BvB community at our online group at

During the season you can also come to watch a game at our meet-up Stammtisch at the Naughty Bar, just off Oxford Street, in Cleveland street central London.
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