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Episode 43 ’Wir sind alle am Borsigsplatz geboren’ English-language interview with recording artist and life-long BVB fan Andy Schade

April 1, 2022

Thank you for your interest in the BvB London fan community podcast as every week the focus of the show will be on exploring a facet of Borussia Dortmund's life by talking to experts and former participants of the club's life.

People like players, fans, and journalists who have covered the club and decision-makers and experts who know the world of all our club well.

The aim of the podcast is to make this football club more accessible to non-German speakers.

Our next guest on the Borussia Dortmund Fan Club London podcast episode 43 is Andy Schade. Remember this song?

On today's show, we discuss many of the cool songs of Borussia Dortmund legend and Andy even gives our listeners a solo on the podcast.
Andy Schade was born near to Dortmund in Iserlohn and is a locally well-known rock singer who for the last 25 years has gained a reputation for composing and singing some of the ballads that are much loved by BvB fans songs like:
'Ganz Egal wir sind da Borussia', '50,000 an der Spree', 'Auch die naechsten 100 Jahre' and 'Steht auf für den BvB' and of course a song which has literally been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and is probably the ultimate Borussia ballad of the 1990's 'WIr sind alle am Borsigplatz geboren'.  
Ballads that have been sung on the Suedtribuene in recent decades again and again. Songs you will remember playing around the Westfalenstadion whilst the players are warming up on the pitch.  The songs that unify the fans.
Andy is also a huge BVB fan himself and has been going to games since early childhood.
In this episode, he shares his life on and off the stage and many great reflections of Borussia Dortmund life, celebrations and matches. 
1. How Andy came to BVB, special childhood memories and first games. 
2. It was never supposed to be music! How he became a musician.  
3. Bringing the music for the 100 year anniversary of the club.
4. Hanging out with Dede, Matts Hummels and Kloppo.  
5. Performing on the open-top bus with the team at Borsigplatz.
6. On tour with 'Ja Sicher' and current music and promotions.
7. Andy's love of English bands and football. 
8. Playing for Rammstein at Rock am Ring festival at the Nurburgring. 
09. Live solo performance of 'Am Borsigplatz Geboren'.
We hope you enjoy the show, remember to send us your comments, share the show with friends and to apply for tickets contact the club via the website which is or join the London BvB community at our online group at
During the season you can also come to watch a game at our meet-up Stammtisch at the Naughty Bar, just off Oxford Street, in Cleveland street central London.
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