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Episode 52: 22/23 Champions League season preview with Conor Pfister, social media editor Paris Saint-Germain FC and Colin Farmery, WSC magazine.

August 30, 2022

Thank you for your interest in the BvB London fan community podcast as every week the focus of the show will be on exploring a facet of football life with a focus on Borussia Dortmund by talking to experts, fans, and players and coaches. 

People, including journalists, who make up the football world including decision makers and who know the football world and the world of BVB well.

The aim of the podcast is to make Bundesliga, BVB and international football more accessible.

The 22/23 UEFA Champions League draw season draw takes place this evening, to take a look at the groups and preview the tournament guests on the podcast are Conor Pfister from Ligue 1 champions PSG and Colin Farmery of WSC football magazine. 

A social media lead and editor with 10-time French champions and 2021 Champions League finalists PSG, Maine-born Conor Pfister has a wealth of experience of producing digital media for some of the world's most popular football clubs.  

A graduate of Canada's Bowdoin college, Conor also brings experience of the Eredivisie having worked for Ajax between 2020-2022. 

Second guest is football writer Colin Farmery, Colin is a journalist with WSC When Saturday Comes, one of the most popular UK football magazines as well as The Guardian newspaper. 

Colin is also the author of 6 books including 17 miles from Paradise and Desert Island Football Histories.

On today's podcast we talk about the Champions League draw, 32 teams are in the draw and BVB are in pot 3 along with teams including RB Salzburg and Shakhtar Donetzk.

The first ties will take place on 06/07 September with the final taking place in Istanbul on 10 June. 

So who will BVB be drawn with? What are the prospects for the 8-time Bundesliga champions and what are the other ties of interest in the tournament? 

1. Key dates, a winter break and a final in Istanbul. 

2. Favourites for the trophy how far can BVB go?

3. Safe standing allowed, UEFA starts a trial including in the UK but will it work? 

4. A focus on the draw, group by group favourites and key matches. 

5. Stars on the ascend who to look out for amongst the players and coaches. 

6. Social media and acknowledgments.

We hope you enjoy the show, remember to send us your comments, share the show with friends and to apply for tickets contact the club via the website which is or join the London BvB community at our online group at

During the season you can also come to watch a game at our meet-up Stammtisch at the Naughty Bar, just off Oxford Street, in Cleveland street central London. 
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